6 Festive Fitness Tips for Christmas!

6 Festive Fitness Tips for Christmas!

December 13th, 2018 by

So you finally got a fitness routine in place this Summer, you joined the gym, took a few X-Cell classes and formed some healthy habits and then the Christmas party season started and those new healthy routines went out of the window! Well don’t despair, here are 6 top tips to keep you in your new found healthy ways this Christmas without taking away all of the fun!

 1. Embrace Moderation

‘Eating treats is ok!’. it’s the holiday season after all and we are only human. It is however all about maintaining even a glimmer of a routine in terms of your new healthy ways. Instead of letting yourself go again the next day after some indulgence, eat what you’d normally have for breakfast and lunch as a minimum and try and squeeze in even a 20 min walk to revitalise the body and mind.  The snowball effect can happen so easily, but if you’re mindful of it, it’s less likely to take over.

 2. Christmas Lunch

Of course, Christmas lunch with all the trimmings is undeniably one of the best things about Christmas! The thing to watch though is portion size. You can still have the slightly unhealthy food that will make its way he the Christmas table, just try to moderate the serving size and resist going back for seconds! There are simple swaps that won’t compromise taste, too. If you’re watching your carbohydrate intake, maybe swap that yummy mayo laden potato salad for a sweet potato and baby spinach salad.

 3. Pace Yourself

Christmas party season means we are more than likely going to increase or standard weekly alcohol consumption and nobody wants to eat healthy or do anything productive when they’re hungover. Start by choosing one drink for the night rather than mixing to minimise the likeliness of a sore head. Spirits can be the better option for a night out in terms of calories. White wine isn’t great because it’s contains a large amount of sugar and as hard as it may sound... keep away from beer!

 4. Drink Plenty of Water

The morning after drinking, your body is going to be dehydrated. You can slow down the hangover process though by having a glass of water between drinks and make sure you drink at least a litre before bed and again when you wake up. Try putting a glass of water next to your bed so if you wake in the night you are ready for a quick skull!

 5. Adapt to New Surrounds

It’s harder to stick to a fitness routine when you suddenly find yourself staying with friends and family or back in the bedroom you had as a kid if staying with parents. If your gym doesn’t have a location close to where you are then a simple morning session that doesn’t require any gym equipment is a great start to the day. Back this up with some bodyweight exercises like sit ups, push ups, burpees, lunges and star jumps. When you wake up in the morning your cortisol (stress hormone) levels are quite high and if left elevated they can throw off so many things like what food you’re craving and your mood. A simple morning routine will help your body re-balance and function the way it’s supposed to.

 6. Summer Walks

Finally, a family walk on Christmas Day gets everyone out of the house… and also reduces that cabin fever! Getting up, going out, taking the dog for a walk – all of these things keep your body moving and your heart rate elevated. The dopamine hit will make you feel great as well so if you can’t make it to your gym then get out into nature, hit the bush walks, the beach or just head to the local park. 
These are just some of the ways to ensure your health and fitness routine isn’t completely lost over this Christmas period. Plus Fitness has gyms right across Australia and New Zealand making staying active across the silly season much easier with access to all gyms included in your membership! Find your closest Plus Fitness at www.plusfitness.com.au

AuthorKaitlin Harrison