Plus Fitness Kick Starts The New Year With 2 New Gyms Opened Today!!!

1 Feb. 2017

Wattle Grove

Wattle Grove, WA
A big congratulations to Joe on the opening of his very first Plus Fitness gym located at 338 Hale Rd, Wattle Grove, WA.
Joe, a self employed plumber who runs his own successful business decided last year that he wanted to own a second business and in a diverse industry that he also had a passion for. Due to his active interest in health and fitness this lead Joe to Plus Fitness which he decided was the perfect fit for him and his lifestyle. Joe enjoys active living including being a keen surfing, runner and footy player.
Plus Fitness Wattle Grove has opened with an impressive 281 members and we have no doubt that these numbers will continue to grow as we work through the busiest season for our industry.

Taking advantage of the flexibility of owning a Plus Fitness franchise, Joe plans to continue to run his plumbing business while also growing his Plus Fitness.
On behalf of everyone at Plus Fitness Head Office we welcome Joe to the Plus Fitness Family and wish him all the best for the future.


Eastern Creek, NSW
Congratulations also today to Victor and Rebecca who have opened their second Plus Fitness franchise located at Southridge Plaza , Southridge St, Eastern Creek NSW.


Victor and Rebecca opened Plus Fitness North Richmond back in 2014 and we are excited to see them enter the realms of multi unit ownership today. Over 40% of Plus Fitness franchisees own more than one franchise and it is great to see Victor and Rebecca achieving this goal today.

Plus Fitness Eastern Creek has opened today with 100 members already signed up and ready to go with many more pouring through the doors today already. We look forward to seeing them achieve the same success at Eastern Creek as they have at North Richmond.
Congratulations again to Vic and Rebecca and we wish you all the best for the future.

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