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We are very excited to be open once again and to be welcoming all our members back into the gym.

We trust you have enjoyed all the At Home Workout Solutions we provided via our App and Website during lockdown however now it’s time to get you back into the gym and training with us in person! 

What’s important now is that we work together to ensure the wellbeing and safety of all our members and staff. To achieve this, we have implemented our own COVID-19 Safety Plan which includes:

  •     Increased cleaning protocols
  •     Increased hand sanitiser stations
  •     Equipment sanitising stations with disinfectant sprays and wipes
  •     Social distancing guidelines

 We are asking you to do your part to keep the gym hygienic and safe by;

  •     Washing your hands or using the hand sanitiser provided before and after you train
  •     Using a towel on all equipment
  •     Wiping down the equipment with the provided disinfectant sprays or wipes
  •     Practising safe social distancing, and;
  •     If you are not feeling well, remembering it’s Ok to skip a training day!


Plus Fitness Re-Opening Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use the gym?

Yes, gyms are incredibly safe however it is still very important that we all follow the Government guidelines which includes our increased cleaning and hygiene protocols and ensuring we are all practicing sensible social distancing. 

Can you contract Coronavirus from sweat?

All evidence points to you not being able to contract Coronavirus from sweat. Coronavirus is a respiratory infection and according to current evidence from the WHO, the Covid-19 virus is primarily transmitted between people through respiratory droplets, and sweat is not this.* 

When will my membership fees recommence?

As of 14th May 2020, all memberships will be taken off timehold. Your Membership Payments will recommence from Thursday 21st May 2020. 

Because payments are made fortnightly and in advance then please note that your first payment will be for 3 weeks covering you from the 14th May through to the next payment on the 4th of June where the amount will return to the usual fortnightly fee. For members who placed their membership on timehold prior to Lock Down Level 4, if your timehold was due to end during lock down then your membership will be active on 14th May 2020. 

What happens if I have paid in advance for my Membership?

Members who have paid in advance for their membership will automatically get the Level 4 and Level 3 period added to their membership. 

What if I want my membership to remain on hold for the time being?

You will need to contact your Plus Fitness direct. There details can be found here

What if I turn up to the gym and have forgotten my towel?

Many of our gyms do sell towels however if they do not have any or you do not wish to buy one, we will need to ask you to return later once you do have a towel.


* World Health Organisation / Modes of Transmission of Virus Causing Covid-19 / Various: