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Plus Fitness State Based Re-Opening Framework

Progressively across Australia we are beginning to see gyms reopen. This will happen at different times dependent on which State or Territory you are in.

As we reopen there will be some changes to the way we train and interact. As an Aussie brand we are asking you to embrace the Aussie spirit and show patience and understanding as we all get used to these temporary adjustments.

One change we will experience in the early stages of restriction easing is a cap on the number of members allowed in the gym at one time. We have put systems in place to manage this and when your Plus Fitness re-opens we will be asking you to keep your workouts to 30 minutes at peak times so everyone gets a chance to train. Remember, ‘sharing is caring’ and we all want those gains back just as much as the next person! 

It is important to know that not everything has changed! We are still the same gym, still the same team, and we are just as excited as always to see you!

The wellbeing and safety of our members and staff is very important to us at Plus Fitness, so we have implemented a range of increased cleaning and hygiene protocols at the gym. These include; 

  • Hand sanitiser stations.
  • Equipment sanitising stations with disinfectant sprays and wipes.
  • Social distancing guidelines; 
  • Plus our staff implementing our stringent cleaning protocols across the day.

We are also asking our members to do their part to keep the gym hygienic and safe by; 

  • Washing your hands or using the hand sanitiser provided before and after you train
  • Using a towel on all equipment.
  • Wiping down the equipment after use, 
  • Practising safe social distancing, and;
  • If you are not feeling well, remembering it’s Ok to skip a training day! 

At this stage we have the following information relating to each State and Territory where we are located and we will continue to keep this updated as more information becomes available;

Western Australia
Stage 2
Monday 18th May: Some of our clubs will reopen to run classes with a capacity of 20 people and no access to fixed gym equipment permitted. Others will wait until Phase 3 restriction easing.
Stage 3
TBC: Predicted to be on or around the 8th to the 15th June however we are yet to be informed what, if any restrictions will exist at this time. 

South Australia
Stage 2
Monday 1st June: Gyms will be permitted to open with a 20 person on-site capacity.
Stage 3

Stage 2
Friday 12th June: Gyms will be permitted to open with a 20 person on-site capacity.
Stage 3
Friday 10th July: Gyms will move to a 100 person on-site capacity. 

Stage 2
Monday 22nd June: Gyms will be permitted to open with a 20 person on-site capacity.
Stage 3

Stage 2.2
Friday 19th June: Consideration for gyms to open with upwards of 20 members in attendance dependent on the current situation.  

New South Wales
At this stage no further details are available. 

We have your wellbeing covered at Plus Fitness and we thank you for playing your part in helping us. 

We are so excited to be welcoming you back and we can’t wait to see you all soon! 

Keeping Active With Plus Fitness

Exercise is so important in maintaining a healthy immune system, so while you wait for your gym to reopen, don’t forget that our Plus Fitness App is free to members and full of great at home workout solutions including:

  • Over 150 on demand classes
  • At home workout programs
  • Fitness challenges, and a whole lot more


Plus Fitness Re-Opening Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it safe to use the gym?

Yes, gyms are incredibly safe and this comes from the top with Greg Hunt, Minister for Health saying this himself*. It is still very important that we all follow the Government guidelines which includes our increased cleaning and hygiene protocols and ensuring we are all practicing sensible social distancing. 

Can you contract Coronavirus from sweat?

All evidence points to you not being able to contract Coronavirus from sweat. Coronavirus is a respiratory infection and according to current evidence from the WHO, the Covid-19 virus is primarily transmitted between people through respiratory droplets, and sweat is not this.** 

When will my membership fees recommence?

Your membership fees will only recommence once your gym is permitted to re-open for general gym usage under Step 2, and chooses to reopen. This excludes WA where general gym usage is not permitted under Step 2 and membership will recommence under Step 3. 

What if I want my membership to remain on hold once the gym reopens under Step 2?

We will be providing an online form for you to complete if you wish your membership to remain on hold during Step 2. This will then stay on hold until Step 3 of the easing of restrictions in your State. If at that time you wish to extend your membership hold you will need to contact your gym direct. Their details can be found here

What if I turn up to the gym and have forgotten my towel?

Many of our gyms do sell towels however if they do not have any or you do not wish to buy one we will need to ask you to return later once you do have a towel. 



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