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August 23rd, 2020 in Fitness by Jake Henry

Staying Fit and Motivated This Winter

Staying Fit and Motivated This Winter

There is no denying that when those winter months arrive and the cold evenings roll on in we tend to become less motivated and less active. Despite us knowing that being active improves our quality of life and has endless health benefits we don’t always know how to maintain that active lifestyle when those frosty mornings and chilly nights are upon us.

Well if you can drag yourself off the couch and away from the heater you will reap the benefits of sweating it out at your local Plus Fitness in the colder months and you might even surprise yourself and actual start to crave getting your winter sweat on! Here’s some of the many reasons why maintaining a regular exercise routine during winter is so important!

Did you know you burn more calories In Winter?

With your body having to work that bit harder to regulate it’s core temperature you will burn more calories in winter workouts. Calories burnt varies based on an individuals body mass as we know however that extra calorie burn will be an great morale booster for you!

The cold weather can make your heart stronger!

The colder weather makes the heart work harder based on the extra effort required to distribute the blood throughout your body. Keep that exercise regular and that extra cardiovascular endurance can make your heart stronger by working out in those winter months.

Keep hydrated!

Staying hydrated is very important even in winter. Your body continues to sweat but the sweat evaporates quicker giving you the impression that your body isn’t loosing fluid. Drink water before, during and after working out in winter to maintain peak performance, keep you hydrated and protect you from injury.

Warm up AND cool down!

During winter you need have an increased focus on both warming up and cooling down. Effective warm-up and cool-down routines play a crucial role in keeping yourself in top form and they are even more important when it’s cold outside. Keeping your body limber, loose and warm for a cold weather workout will help prevent pulling or tearing muscles.

So don’t let winter keep you from the gym, let it help you train like a pro so that summer body sticks around all year.

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Jake Henry

Jake Henry

Jake Henry

My first contact with Plus Fitness 24/7 was as a long time member of their health clubs, which have been around for many years and were well known in the Macarthur region. I have spent my career in business banking and was fortunate enough to have Plus Fitness 24/7 as a client when they made the decision to develop the brand as a franchise.

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