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August 23rd, 2020 by Jasmine Green

Top Five Tips When Choosing Your Gym

Top Five Tips When Choosing Your Gym

Still telling yourself; ‘next week’… ‘after my exams’… ‘when I get back from holiday’, or ‘I’ll wait until Summer is closer’? Well first of all, great effort on setting a goal to start at a gym but choosing a gym is now your all important next goal! To help you out I’ve dropped down some ‘Top Tips’ for you to consider when making the all important decision around which gym is going to be the right fit for you, because lets face it, there are an awful lot to choose from these days!

1. How’s the piggy bank looking?

This one probably sits at the top of the list for a lot of people. Whereas you don’t want a gym membership that is going to break the bank you also don’t want one that is so low budget that there’s sawdust on the floor! So let’s rephrase this one as ‘Where’s the best value for money?’. Be sure to look at what it is and isn’t included in the membership fees plus ask yourself the question; ‘Am I really going to use all of this?’. i.e. ‘It has a pool!’ I hear you excitedly say… but will you ever use it?? Because you are definitely going to be paying for it!

2. Who’s the boss?

Don’t get locked in! All too often our circumstances change and if this happens and you are locked into a lengthy contract then you have little choice but to keep paying out your hard earnt money for no return if you stop going! Seek out gyms with no lock in contracts… yes they exist! Also ask if you can suspend your membership for free when you travel. Again, there are some gyms that will simply stop the payments for you when you cant get there! Basically there are some good guys out there that will allow you to be in control of your membership. It’s not just your body that you want to be flexible, it’s your gym contract too!

3. Location… Location… Location…

If getting to your workout is a workout in itself then you might not be very motivated to get moving! Consider your drive, bike, walk or public transport options and if they fit in with your schedule. If you are driving then are their good parking options? If the gym is within running or walking distance then consider getting there by foot as your warm up or even your overall cardio saving you valuable time! With a large number of gym chains offering the ‘join one use all’ benefits then consider a gym that has a location close to home and work… and make sure you are not going to get slugged with extra fees to use those other gyms or be restricted by when you can start using them! 

4. What have they got?

Some days you won’t feel like cardio, and some days the thought of strength training might seem like a chore. Have a good look around and make sure that all your bases are covered. Do they have classes that you like and even better still do they have virtual classes that enable you to take a class when you want as oppose to a restrictive timetable that will cause you to have to wrestle for a spot and a car park with 100 other keen beans all turning up at the same time.

5. On your time!

Are you an early bird? Or are you a night owl? Make sure you check the gym you are considering will be open when you want to exercise. Is it open on public holidays? All weekend? You want to be able to pick up and head in for a power session when you feel like it… not when you are told you must feel like it! With many gyms allowing for 24/7 access these days then this is a great way to start working out who’s worth checking out! 

So in summary, making a choice that is the right fit for you will definitely play a big role in sealing the deal to achieving your health and fitness goals, so jump online and get searching for gyms near you! Oh and one last tip… ring ahead when you plan on checking a gym out. Most gyms will make sure they have someone ready to show you around and answer your questions if they know you are coming, and this is a big help. So there you have your ‘Choose A Gym’ shopping list!

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Jasmine Green

Jasmine Green

Jasmine Green

Jasmine Green

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