August 28th, 2020

Aaren Russell-Report Card

Aaren Russell-Report Card

With a break between Winton and Darwin, is analysing the drivers’ results and performances in this first part of the season. The racing is the closest in history, with nine different winners in 11 races.

Russel 1

Aaren Russell, Erebus Motorsport

Engineer: Mathew Nilsson (from Walkinshaw Racing)

Average qualifying position: 25.3
Average finishing position: 23.3
Championship position: 26
Points to leader: 786
Wins: 0
Pole positions: 0  

Best result: 17th, Tasmania Sunday

Yes, he was helped by the oil spill, but cracking the top 20 at his second championship event is nothing to scoff at when the field is so tight. 

Low point: Qualifying, Tasmania Saturday

Russel 2

Russell was 2.26sec off the pace in the session, and one second away from 25th placed racer Andre Heimgartner, starting from last place on the grid.

For: The rookie showed a certain tenacity fighting Mark Winterbottom in Perth at the end of the race when he was on fresher tyres. While he copped plenty of criticism from the fans – particularly when ‘Frosty’ said he thought the race was lost – Russell wouldn’t back down on the move, saying he’s racing for his career. He has been described as incredibly focused on success.

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