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August 31st, 2020

The Lifestyle Franchise

The Lifestyle Franchise

When we hear the word lifestyle, we usually associate it with enjoyment, freedom and health – all benefits of

the way in which we choose to live.

‘Wellness’ specifically, has become a major talking point for consumers, with businesses operating in the health

and fitness industry experiencing exponential growth. For people looking to enter the franchising market,

this presents a number of opportunities particularly for those who are passionate themselves about health and

fitness and whom are looking to improve their personal lifestyle by opening their own business and taking

control of their professional lives.

As of January 2015, annual figures for money spent on gym memberships, sports equipment and the

latest fitness trends in Australia hit $8.5 billion1. This revelation comes at a time when more than

six million Australians said they have made a 2015 resolution to make fitness top of mind, with one in

four committed to spending more in the New Year to achieve their fitness goals.

According to the research, amongst the 10 most popular fitness activities was the gym, which came in

at number three with more than 4.1 million Australians having a gym membership.

Backed by IbisWorld data, the gym and fitness centre industry has made its strongest gains over the last five

years as a result of rising discretionary income and health consciousness. The majority of new members

opted to sign up to 24 hour gyms due to the affordable pricing model, flexible contracts and flexible hours.

The 24 hour gym model and its relative brands have reported a 12 per cent average annual growth4 rate

in revenue, compared to the average fitness industry rate of 4 per cent. This is tied closely to the unique operating structure of 24/7 gyms, which have low overheads due to the need for fewer staff and their typically smaller premises.

Going from employee to employer has many benefits, including the potential to earn more and most

importantly- live a better lifestyle. It is important when looking at franchising options

to understand how the business operates, and what the franchisee role requires. Most franchises operate

best under an owner/operator model, with owners managing the day to day running of the business and

being key motivators to its growth.

That said; the 24 hour gym model and its ability to stay open with little or no staff, 24 hours a day, gives

franchisees the flexibility to choose their own hours, and even reduce them once the business is fully

operational and growing.

The lifestyle benefits aren’t strictly limited to the hours worked. As a passionate franchisee, working

in your own business is an enjoyable and worthwhile cause with the added benefit of getting to know local

customers well and being a part of their fitness journey –something that can literally change lives.

Though it is assumed you will have some interest in the fitness or health industry, you don’t need to be a

gym junkie or trainer to own one.

Plus Fitness multi-unit franchise owners, Trent and Kathy say that they got into the franchising industry to

secure a better future for themselves that would work with their lifestyle.

“Our fitness industry experience was limited to being gym users ourselves; my wife had an administration

background and myself, a tradesman”.

“We truly believe our businesses wouldn’t be operating as successfully as they are if we didn’t have

the ongoing support and training from Plus Fitness. Being able to take a step back from the daily running

of our business (now), has helped us to create that much needed balance”, Trent said.

When Plus fitness franchisees are asked about why they bought into the business, its comprehensive franchise

model and reputation for being Australian owned was its point of difference in the franchise market.

Compared to other gym models, the Plus Fitness franchise offers a low entry cost, low ongoing costs

and the best membership deals which fit in well with the budget friendly concept and which help to attract

new customers whilst also retaining existing members.

The franchise costs vary from site to site, but include a gym fit-out - inclusive of all equipment, use of exclusive

Plus Fitness tried and true systems, including software, and assistance with site location and lease negotiation,

including local area analysis.

Every franchisee receives a designated business manager to help support them throughout the initial process, and

the backing from a team of business experts who will help market your business and brand locally and nationally.

The Plus Fitness franchise model is an established business system that allows franchisees to run their

business proficiently and even remotely when needed, making it an attractive model for those who are looking

to manage a successful business in conjunction with their lifestyle.

As a result of the increased demand for budget friendly fitness centres, Plus Fitness are expanding in all

Australian states, but particularly in areas of Victoria, where potential for solid growth has been identified.

To find out more about becoming part of the Plus Fitness franchise network click here, or call

02 4648 2099 to speak to our friendly franchise development manager about available opportunities.

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