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August 28th, 2020

Plus Fitness Announced as Penrite Honda’s Fitness Partner for 2017

Plus Fitness Announced as Penrite Honda’s Fitness Partner for 2017

Penrite Honda, reigning Motocross and Supercross champions, have struck a deal with Australian gym giant Plus Fitness that sees them becoming their Fitness Partner for the 2017 Supercross Championships.   

Amongst other things, Plus Fitness will provide the riders and team members the fitness facilities and support they need for this gruelling and challenging sport.

Adding this relationship to the Plus Fitness sponsorship arrangements with both V8 Supercars and Suncorp Super Netball this year, along with the ongoing engagement of their brand ambassador, World and Olympic Champion Sally Pearson, sees the brand continuing to lead the field in sport sponsorship within the fitness space.

The sponsorship will see the Plus Fitness brand placed on the teams bikes and uniforms as well as a strong presence at the events and across the numerous social media platforms managed by the Honda Team.

The series itself sees the Penrite Honda Racing Team compete on the main stage across six rounds of high intensity motorcycling across the country.

Team Manger Jay Foreman understands that riders need the right resources to be at the top of their game. 

“Plus Fitness has over 200 gyms that offer our riders consistency and continuity. Whether they are training near home or on the road whilst we are away racing, it’s important that I know they have everything they need to be at their best.” Said Foreman.

He went on to say; “Studies of motocross and supercross riders in past years have compared riders against athletes from demanding sports such as NFL, professional basketball, track and soccer with results showing that riders, overall, were at a higher level of physical fitness. Supercross requires strength, agility, durability, hand-eye coordination, speed and strategic awareness and this partnership will go a long way to assist us here”.

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