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August 28th, 2020

Plus Fitness Dalyellup Now Open

Plus Fitness Dalyellup Now Open

Plus Fitness has enjoyed steady growth in WA over the past 6 years and today that growth continues with the opening of Plus Fitness Dalyellup which is located in the outer southern suburb of Bunbury.

We welcome our newest Franchisees to the Plus Fitness family, Tim McDougall and Brian Hotker who have gone into partnership due to their combined interest in the fitness industry. With Tim having qualifications in both fitness and management and Brian being a specialist in small business their combined skills led them to open up their very own Plus Fitness gym.

Plus Fitness Dalyellup has today opened today with just over 320 members which is a fantastic presale and a clear indication of further success to come.

Plus Fitness Dalyellup is located at 37 Norton Promenade Dalyellup WA 6230.

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