August 28th, 2020

Plus Fitness franchisee turns generic business skills into success

Plus Fitness franchisee turns generic business skills into success

Shaun Cameron-Lee initially took on the challenge by opening his first Plus Fitness club in October 2011 and is now a multi-unit franchise owner and operator of the brand.

Previously owning a mortgage broker franchise with his wife for seven years, the couple decided to sell the business in 2009.

Shaun soon began researching the 24 hour fitness market, with which Plus Fitness had not launched, into opportunities offered by competitors but never felt comfortable with signing up with anyone.

“When I discovered the Plus model in early 2011 it was clear that they had the best offer for both investors and consumers and from my first encounter I was impressed with the practical approach and commercial drive to get the brand moving.”

Shaun was surprised to find that there was a high level of consumer interest and said business’ sales and membership targets were consistently being broken.

Keeping things simple

Shaun explains that by keeping the product as simple as possible, it makes administering and managing the business a dream.

“In-house training is concise and focused and the live-site training gives newcomers an opportunity to fully experience what their lives will be like in months to come.

“The franchise support team at Plus are second to none. No matter how busy they are you will always get a call back. They work incredibly long hours to keep their service levels as high as possible.” he added.

Local is key

Most club members come from within a two to three kilometre radius which prompts Shaun to focus on directing their marketing efforts at local communities.

“We advertise in the local newspapers, sponsor the local sporting teams, donate memberships to local school and community groups, use banners to catch the eye of passing traffic, and of course ensure our social media stream is lively and content rich.”

Generic skills are beneficial

Shaun believes that anyone with generic business skills can apply that knowledge to almost any market and capitalise on it.

“Two years ago I knew nothing about the fitness industry and yet by partnering with Plus Fitness through the franchise model, I have been able to build a lucrative and rewarding business that has surpassed all of my expectations.”


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