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August 26th, 2020

Plus Fitness Teams Up With Children’s Tumour Foundation for the Annual Cupid’s Undie Run

Plus Fitness Teams Up With Children’s Tumour Foundation for the Annual Cupid’s Undie Run

One of the major fundraising initiatives of the Children’s Tumour Foundation of Australia (CTF) is an increasingly popular event known as the Cupid’s Undie Run, held in 15 locations around Australia.

The ‘brief’ run sees participants don their undies, or dress-up in costume, all in the name of fun and raising greater awareness of the genetic disorder, Neurofibromatosis – or more commonly NF. Neurofibromatosis is a genetic disorder that affects 1 in 2,500 births of all populations equally and causes tumours to grow on nerves throughout the body. It’s devastating effects can cause blindness, deafness, bone abnormalities, disfigurement, learning disabilities, disabling pain and cancer. It currently has no cure and treatment options are limited. 

Funds raised from the Cupids Undie Run event all go to the Children’s Tumour Foundation, the national charity that supports and advocates for those impacted by NF – sufferers and their families – providing them with a pathway from fear to hope. 

In a strong show of support, fitness chain Plus Fitness, has increased their involvement with the Cupid’s Undie Run by becoming a Major National Partner for the 2020 run. Their aim is for the majority of their gyms around the country to participate in a run as well as add assistance with the promotion and awareness of the event. Plus Fitness have also committed to run the  pre-event ‘warm-up’ activities for participants in a number of the main city locations.

Plus Fitness Director, Nigel Miller, is excited to align the brand with an event like Cupid’s.  “We enjoyed our involvement in the 2019 event and see Cupid’s as being events where participants run not only for fun, but also for a great cause“. He added “Cupid’s aligns well with our mission to bring a fun and enjoyable experience to our gym members. We think that many will be keen to participate in an event of this nature, especially as it will shine a light on a disorder that really lacks community awareness. The commitment to run in your undies may even motivate our members to be even more diligent to their training, so everyone wins!” Mr. Miller commented.

CEO for the Children’s Tumour Foundation of Australia, Louise Skilbeck, is delighted to see Plus Fitness increasing their involvement this year.  “The support by Plus Fitness of Cupid’s is an endorsement to the continued growth of the event and their National Sponsorship will help bring greater awareness. For a genetic disorder to be relatively unknown when one baby is born every three days and there are over 10,000 people in Australia with the disorder, is quite damning.  By hosting innovative events like CUPIDS, our goal is to broaden community awareness and participation of the broader population, and inevitably attract more funding so that we can move closer to our goal of Conquering NF”, said Ms Skilbeck.

The run puts the fun back in “fun run”. Our tagline of “the most fun you can have with your undies on” is true with CK undies, great venues, prizes, giveaways and before and after parties all included in the entry price.  However, Ms Skilbeck commented that “beneath the fun is the deeper message of acceptance of difference. People with NF often have quite disfiguring tumours on or just below their skin and many feel a sense of discomfort in public with social isolation being common. By encouraging all shapes and sizes to run (or walk or dance) down the main street of their city we are sending a broader message that every body is welcome and accepted, just the way they are”

Cupid’s Undie Run will be held on Sunday 22 March 2020 in all capital cities of Australia, plus major regional centres such as Gold Coast, Newcastle, Shepperton, Cairns and Bathurst.

Prior to the event taking place, The Children’s Tumour Foundation will also be holding a Silent Christmas Auction. The auction hosts a great variety of prizes, experiences and opportunities such as a SuperCare Drive Day, Sydney Helicopter Experience, Racing Day, Exclusive Winery Experience, Golf and Accommodation packages as well as many more amazing prizes! To take part and bid, simply click on the link below. (Also, we encourage you to share it across your networks)

For more information on Cupid’s Undie Run and how you can get your team or company involved, contact James Black at Children’s Tumour Foundation on 02 9713 6111, Mobile: 0402 824 252 or

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