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August 28th, 2020

Plus Fitness Windsor and Carseldine Gets New Franchisees!

Plus Fitness Windsor and Carseldine Gets New Franchisees!

Mark and Leandra Hawkins as well as Corey and Joanne Vella are no strangers to the Plus Fitness brand having opened their first franchise in Epping back in November 2012. They’ve maintained a great club over the years and have an impressive member database that has grown substantially since opening.

Multi-unit franchisees are becoming more and more common in our network which is great to see and attributes to the systems put in place allowing Franchisees to run multiple clubs. Mark, Leandra, Corey and Joanne have today become our newest multi-unit franchisees with the purchase of QLD based clubs Plus Fitness Windsor and Plus Fitness Carseldine. It's great to see these two couples branching out into another state while still maintaining their Epping location in NSW.

A big thank you to previous Franchisees of Windsor and Carseldine Zenon and Kezia Winters who have been valued Franchisees over the years since opening Plus Fitness Windsor back in 2013. The Winter’s are pursuing business ventures overseas and we wish them all the best for the future.

We wish the Hawkins and Vella's all the best with their new clubs and trust they follow the same trend that Plus Fitness Epping has enjoyed over the years.

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