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What is Plus Performance?

Plus Performance is a functional training studio specialising in high intensity, performance and wellness group training using heart-rate technology to accurately ensure you’re in the right zone to achieve results. With 45 to 60 minute group training sessions run by highly qualified Performance Coaches using specialised premium grade equipment, a Plus Performance studio assists members in achieving accelerated results in a functional, motivational and highly driven environment.

Including specially designed and programmed training styles such as HIIT, Strength, Core, Booty, Boxing, Athletic, Tabata, Yoga and Pilates, Plus Performance has every training need covered. Its service offering will appeal to all members, from the experienced exerciser looking to hit that next level or discover new styles of training though to the new gym goer looking for a higher level of support to accelerate their goals. Plus Performance really is the perfect fit for all!

Plus Performance Memberships are an ‘add on’ to a standard Plus Fitness Membership making Plus Performance the only performance based, functional training studio to provide its members with unlimited, 24/7 access to over 200 gyms at no additional cost.

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The App

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Hiit Happens

Make hiit happen with our signature interval class. Incorporating a mix of high-intensity strength and cardio exercises with short rest to keep your heart rate high and the calorie burn even higher.

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Lift your game with a class that’s guaranteed to change the way you train strength. Traditional strength, paired with dynamic weights exercises to ensure you’re not only strong, but lean and ready to move. Think your strong… prepare for a shakedown!

Plus Fitness Performance V Shred Logo

V Shred

A little of what you want and a lot of what you need… Isolated and functional core exercises blended with cardio intervals to ensure your abs reach their potential. Engineered to engage your core in all movements while burning serious calories and chasing that elusive ‘V’.

Plus Fitness Performance Yas Queen Logo

Yas Queen

Be the booty queen or king with this killer lower body workout. Strong glutes look great but are also an essential powerhouse for any serious strength goals. Combined with moves to elevate your heart rate, this workout is leg day like you’ve never experienced before. Killer booty…. Yasssssss Queen!!

Plus Fitness Performance Landmine logo


The smiling assassin of classes – Tabata style intervals provide the ultimate playground for fitness and weight loss as you move, sweat, breath, repeat. Think these moves are simple? They’re a ticking time bomb.

Plus Fitness Performance #23 Logo


Train like a sporting icon and get the body to match. High intensity training delivered with power, agility and 3D movement to have you training differently and become the ultimate everyday athlete.

Plus Fitness Performance Contender logo


Hiit Vs Boxing!! In the red corner you’ll be working your boxing moves and fast feet. In the blue corner you’ll be upping your fitness game with cardio and strength intervals to make you go the distance. You may feel like your up against the ropes mid class, but when the final bell rings you’ll have given your fitness goals a TKO.


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What class types do you offer?

All Plus Performance studios offer a range of our 7 signature high intensity classes.

The focus of these class types vary from traditional HIIT, strength, power, core, boxing and booty with a common theme of high intensity training throughout.

Some studios also feature our ‘Wellness Series’ of classes which offer balance to your training through Yoga and Pilates style training for those days where you need to re-focus and revitalise. 

Class types may phase in and out across the seasons to allow us to feature your favourite classes more often. You may also see variances across locations so please check your local timetable and the ‘Our Classes’ section of our website for full class descriptions.

Can I do Plus Performance if I'm not super fit?

Yes, our performance coaches will be able to cater to all fitness levels by varying the level of each exercise. We also worked on timed intervals which means you’re able to complete as many repetitions as you feel comfortable. Unless you have a major injury or medical condition, we will be able to give you an amazing workout.

Will it still be challenging if I am fit?

Absolutely! Our performance coaches will be there to push you to your personal limit through weight selection, progressions and speed of movement. We want you to leave exhausted, accomplished and excited for your next class.

How long do the classes run for?

Our classes typically range between 45-60 minutes. Please check your studios timetable for exact class timing. 

How do I book?


  1. Download the Plus Fitness App
  2. Set your home club to your desired location
  3. Search classes
  4. Click on the chosen class and 'book'


Click on our ‘Memberships’ tab and complete our ‘Enquire Now’ section for a FREE 3 class pass *First Trial Only

What do I need to know before my first class?

We suggest having a snack 30-60 minutes prior to your class, wearing comfortable workout gear and remembering to wear (closed in) sneakers for all classes other than Yoga.

Arriving 10-15 minutes early allows time for our performance coaches/instructors to get to know you and your training needs and for you to ask any questions.

Do I need to bring my own gloves for the boxing class?

We highly recommend that if you’ll regularly be attending our ‘Tribute’ class that you invest in your own gloves for comfortability and hygiene reasons. Most clubs will have a few communal pairs if it’s your first class or you forget your gloves but we recommend at least purchase some boxing inners which are inexpensive and available for purchase in most clubs/studios.

We also suggest that you purchase MMA style gloves rather than traditional boxing gloves as they will allow you to keep them on and transition through all exercises faster.

Is it normal to have muscle soreness afterwards?

It’s completely normal to have delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS) for 2-3 days after your first time trying a new style of training and any time that you push yourself hard. The best way to relieve this is to do some light movement and frequent stretching as sitting still can make your muscles tighten further. 

If you’re experiencing more than what is described above, we recommend talking to your instructor and/or health professional if you feel you may have an underlying injury.

How do I join?

Jump on our website or call or visit your local studio in the staffed hours listed on their website.



17 Turnstone Street, Alkimos WA 6038
Alkimos WA 6038
08 6369 1239
Unit 10, 10 Clew Way
Jindalee WA 6036
08 9562 7800
275-279 Victoria Road
(02) 9898 3388

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Western Australia
South Australia

*Class styles offered may vary in each studio – contact your local Plus Performance studio for current timetables.


Plus Performance is part of the Plus Fitness Australian owned franchise group meaning that in addition to our premium group training, you will have 24/7 gym access to over 180 convenient locations. This gives you the power to compliment classes with cardio and strength based training and the flexibility to upgrade and downgrade your membership as your needs change. There are no lock in contracts and plenty of support to keep you on track!

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Our unique selling point for with Plus Performance is that you will also be a Plus Fitness 24/7 Franchisee, giving your members access to 200+ clubs Australia wide to compliment their training outside of classes. Your members will have the option to upgrade or downgrade their membership as they move through different phases of training enabling you to retain them as a member long term. To start your journey into becoming a Plus Fitness Franchisee, please complete our enquiry form and a team member will be in touch shortly.

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